Dakotah Vineyards and Winery

Located along busy Highway 19 that traverses Florida from north to south, Dakotah Vineyards & Winery is located halfway between Chiefland and Fanning Springs, Just look for our 1931 Antique Windmill. Dakotah Vineyards is a place of peace and a haven of rest for both humans AND birds.

Dakotah is a family business operated by Rob Rittgers and his father Max Rittgers. Max established the vineyard in 1985 with a planting of 200 muscadine grape vines. The first grapes produced were sold onsite from a board across two five-gallon buckets

Today Dakotah Winery is a 12-acre site with over 6,000 grape vines. A large, comfortable wine-tasting room welcomes visitors. A temperature-controlled wine cellar is the most recent addition A visit to Dakotah provides not only an opportunity to buy Florida wine but an opportunity for self-guided innovational wellness walks through the grounds while viewing the grapes, sheep, geese, wood ducks, koi fish, and other species. Your observations will reveal that the winery is a therapy leader for both the heart and the mind and a conservation leader for both the soil and the spirit.

The Dakotah experience begins in the wine-tasting room where wine samples are served daily at the red cedar horseshoe-shaped bar. Dakotah offers a selection of five table wines, a Florida port, and a non-alcoholic juice made from Muscadine grapes. Tasting Room Hours: 10-5 Monday thru Saturday; Noon to 5 Sundays

Take your time–
o to select some bottles of wine
o to browse through the many wine-related items
o to learn about how Dakotah’s grapes are grown
o to enjoy the ambience of Dakotah

At the heart of the Dakotah Winery is the vineyard. The grapes grown in Dakotah’s vineyard are muscadine (or scuppernongs as they are sometimes called). The muscadine is a native Florida grape that was first used for wine-making by the French Huguenots and early Spanish settlers nearly 100 years before wine was made in California. In the entire world the muscadine is found only in southeastern United States. In the 12-acre vineyard at Dakotah there are over 30 varieties of muscadine grapes.

The antique windmills offer more than decoration. One of them pumps water for the winery pond. A solar array on another provides light to illuminate the front of the winery. It is powered by a distant star.

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