Parks & Wildlife Refuges

Levy County and the Greater Chiefland area are home to some of the most beautiful parks and wildlife refuges in the state. The parks and refuges not only offer a home to Florida's diverse wildlife, but also a great opportunity for recreational activities. Enjoy hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, wildlife spotting, canoeing, and camping at these places.

In the immediate Chiefland area is Manatee Springs State Park. The park incorporates more than 2,400 acres within its boundaries. At the heart of the park is the actual spring, which pumps between 50 and 150 million gallons of pure, clean spring water. For boaters and fishers alike, Manatee Springs offers a direct connection to the Suwannee River. Just 23 miles down the river is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. A variety of animal life calls the park home, including wading birds, white-tailed deer, and other mammals. Manatees also enjoy the park's spring during the winter months, basking in the constant 72-degree water. Camping, fishing, swimming, and boating are popular activities at Manatee Springs. Be sure to visit this magnificent park!

Fanning Springs State Park is open to visitors year-round. This 192-acre park features a beautiful spring run and is right alongside the Suwannee River. The park has hiking and biking trails, trails for equestrians; boating and kayaking are popular activities, and fishing is allowed in certain areas. Visitors may also swim and snorkel in the crystal clear spring, and licensed scuba divers may dive. Be on the lookout for manatees, Florida's gentle marine giant, and other wildlife. The various natural environments located within the park's boundaries offer a great opportunity for visitors to observe some of the state's native plant and animal life.

Devil's Hammock Wildlife Management Area and Blue Springs is located in the middle of Levy County and offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities. One of the state's last unspoiled hardwood forests, the Hammock is open to visitors for hiking, boating and kayaking, cycling, and wildlife watching. Hunting is also permitted during season.

There are so many more parks and refuges in the County-these were just a few. Be sure to also visit Goethe Wildlife Management Area, Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, Waccasassa Bay State Preserve, Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge, and the Blue Grotto for a truly amazing glimpse of Florida and her awe-inspiring beauty.

For more information about:
Manatee Springs State Park, call (352) 493-6072
Fanning Springs State Park, call (352) 463-4520
Devil's Hammock Wildlife Management Area, call 800-226-1066
Goethe Wildlife Management Area, call (352) 465-8585
Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, call (352) 493-0238
Waccasassa Bay State Preserve, call (352) 543-5567
Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge, call (352) 493-0238
Blue Grotto, call (352) 528-5770